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Narmada Main Canal:

Reach 236.587 to 249.951 km. Cost: Rs 68.40 crore.


Bhavnagar Road: from Ch. 141.00 km to ch. 169.00 km on back-to-back basis. Cost: Rs 20.66 crore (as per MORTH specification).

Construction of Earthen Dam, Spillway – Masonry Dam, Head Regulator & Spillway Bridge for Brahmani – II Water Resources Project. Cost. 17.38 Crore.


Manor Tall way Projects Package – II (Project of NHAI) on back-to-back basis from L.G.E.&C. – Patel J/v. Work comprises strengthening and widening of existing two-lane road and construction of a new two-lane road, including construction of a major bridge on River Par and an underpass.