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High Level Bridge @ Brahmani

Name of Project Constructing additional D.Sy. @ Ch. 71050 mt. and overflowing section @ Ch. 71025 mt., SP/UVRB @ Ch. 75210 mt. on Saurashtra Branch Canal
Tender Cost of Project Rs. 7.62 Crores
Location Sundargadh, Halvad, Gujarat
Main Client The Executive Engineer,
Project Construction Division No 4, Rajkot
Salient Feature of Project  
As per MOST Specification
Earth Work / Excavation 0.85 Lac. Cum
Excavation of Soft Rock 0.19 Lac. Cum
Excavation of Hard Rock 0.10 Lac Cum
Reinforced Cement Concrete 15.10 Th. Cum
Dry Rubble Pitching 5.00 Th. Cum
Bituminous Macadam 1183 M. Ton
W.B.M. Road 3488 Cum