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Construction Of Earthen Dam, Spillway, and Head Regulator @ Sasoi-II

Name of Project Construction of Earthen Dam, Spillway & Head Regulator for Sasoi-II W. R. Projet.
Tender Cost of Project Rs. 14.01 Crores
Location Near Lalpur, Jamnagar, Gujarat
Main Client The Executive Engineer,
Und Irrigation Div., Jamnagar
Salient Feature of Project  
As per MOST Specification
Excavation/Embankment 2.14 Lac. Cum
Excavation of Soft Rock 9.515 Th. Cum
Excavation of Hard Rock 43.850 Th. Cum
Reinforced Cement Concrete 6.279 Th. Cum
Rubble Masonry 14.827 Th. Cum
Pressure Grouting 94 M. Ton