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Fatewadi Canal System - PackageNo.5

Name of Project Renovation and Improvement by providing and laying M-15 grade controlled cement concrete lining and constructing structures for Distributary canal of Fatewadi Canal System in Ahmedabad District (PackageNo.5)
Tender Cost of Project Rs. 17.63 Crores
Location Near Bavla, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Main Client The Executive Engineer,
Ahmedabad Irrigation Div., Ahmedabad
Salient Feature of Project  
As per MOST Specification
Excavation/Embankment 0.55 Lac Cum
Reinforced Cement Concrete 1.749 Th. Cum
C.C. Lining 7.5 CM Thickness (M-15 Grad) 27.492 Th. Cum