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Saurashtra Branch Canal

Name of Project Constructing additional D.Sy. @ Ch. 71050 mt. and overflowing section @ Ch. 71025 mt., SP/UVRB @ Ch. 75210 mt. on Saurashtra Branch Canal
Tender Cost of Project Rs. 4.63 Crores
Location Near Lakhtar, Surendranagar, Gujarat
Main Client The Executive Engineer,
NS.B.C Canal Division 1/3, Viramnagar
Salient Feature of Project  
As per MOST Specification
Excavation/Embankment 0.72 Lac Cum
Reinforced Cement Concrete 5.510 Th. Cum
R.C.C. Lining 20 CM 1.031 Th. Cum
Dry Rubble Pitching 2.937 Th. Cum