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National Highway Project

Name of Project Surat Manor Tall way Project Package ΓΆ€“ 2.
Client L. G. Engineering & Const. Co.,
Korea & Patel Engineering Ltd., Mumbai.
Location Near Valsad
Main Client National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
Salient Feature of Project

Constructing New Two Lane & Up ΓΆ€“ gradation of existing two lane from 343.00 to km 381.600.

Time Limit

2001 ΓΆ€“ 2003 (Two Years)

Scope of Indian Infra Developers Job
  • From Km : 343.000 to 353.000Km.
  • Earthwork in excavation, embankment, Sub Grade, CTUS, GSB, CSUS, WMM, DBM, BC etc of Main Carriage Way and Service Road.
  • 3 Nos. Bridges on
    • Par River (8 Span ΓΆ€“ PSC)
    • Par Tributary
  • Under Pass ΓΆ€“ 1 No. Vallabh Ashram, Killa Pardi.
  • Drain Work on both side from Km 345.000 to 347.000