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Dholera-Bhavnagar State highway

Name of Project First year road maintenance program dholera - bhavnagar road from Ch. 141.00 km to Ch. 169.00 km (Main client Gayatri Projects Limited. Hyderabad) 28 Km.
(Under Assistance from World Bank)
Project Consultant Lea Associated
Tender Cost of Project Rs. 10.33 Crores
Location State Highway No.8 Nr. Bhavnagar
Client Name and Address The Executive Engineer,
R & B Department, Rajkot
Salient Feature of Project
As per MOST Specification
Roadway Excavation 1,00,638 Cum
Embankment 2,83,485 Cum (Borrow Area)
Sub Base 72,720 Cum
WBM 20,000 Cum
Wearing Cost 21,152 Sqmt
Bituminous Macadam 40,600 Cum
Surface Dressing 8,56,540 Sqmt.